Local Professional Development Committee

Purpose Statement

The goal of the Frontier Local School District Professional Development Committee is to foster and encourage professional staff development and to ensure a failr and equitable review and approval of coursework and other professional development activities that educators propose to complete for the purpose of certificate and/or license renewal.

Local Professional Development Committee Members

Angie Ashworth - Teacher, Newport Elementary School

Bill Creighton - Principal, Frontier High and Middle School

Bill Ellison - Teacher, Newport Elementary School

Laura Hall - Teacher, Frontier High School

Amy Powell - Teacher, Newport Elementary School

Tiffany Rife Oman - Director of Student Learning, Frontier Local School District

LPDC Related Documentation

Frontier Local LPDC Meeting Schedule 2021-2022

Individual Professional Development Plan

Pre-Approval of University/College Course Work

Pre-Approval of Workshop/Conference

Tuition Reimbursement Approval Form