Current College Students

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AACE International ($2,500) - For programs related to cost engineering/cost management; 3.0 GPA. Open January-February. NOTE FROM PROVIDER: AACE has suspended its scholarship program. Check back for updates on when the program will reopen.

AAHD Frederick J. Krause ($1,000) - For a student with a disability in an accredited university, pursuing studies related to health and disability. Due Nov. 15.

Adobe Research Women-in-Technology ($10,000) - For females in computer science, engineering or related field.

American Copy Editors Society (ACES) - Open to juniors, seniors and graduate students. Due Nov. 15.

American Occupational Therapy Foundation - For full-time students in accredited or developing occupational therapy programs.

Animal Compassion Undergraduate ($500) - For students who intend to pursue graduate degree in Vet Med; overall 3.0 GPA; history of animal advocacy;

Appalachian Basin GPA Midstream Association Students must be enrolled at participating college with a 2.8 GPA, and demonstrate interest in oil & gas.

Appalachian College Association  - For students enrolled in an ACA member institution.  Different requirements and deadlines.

Architectural Precast Association ($2,000) - 3.0 GPA; pursuing architectural degree. Due May 30. 

Association of Food & Drug Officials ($1,500) - 3.0 GPA; 3rd year of college; desire for career of research, regulatory work, quality control, or teaching in some aspect of foods, drugs or consumer product safety. Due March 31.

Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (($5,000 to $12,000) - 
Multiple opportunities with varying deadlines for current college students in accounting or related field.

Association for Iron & Steel Technology - Multiple opportunities for college students pursuing career in iron and steel-related industry.

AvaCare Medical ($2,000) - 3.0 GPA; pursuing a degree in medical field; submit essay describing act of kindness. Due Dec. 15.

Avomeen - For science; application open March 1-Aug. 31.

BP Scholars ($5,000) For STEM or business; 3.2 GPA.

Barry Goldwater - For sophomores and juniors pursuing research careers in natural sciences, mathematics and engineering. Due Jan. 26.

Bella Soul - For full-time student with a neurological disorder; 3 pages about triumphs and struggles. Due Dec. 31.

Blades of Green ($1,000) For environmental science/studies, plant sciences, botany, green technology or related field. Due March 15.

Bold - create a free profile and be matched with multiple opportunities. 

CREW ($5,000) - For women in commercial real estate programs. Available Jan. 4-April 15.

Capital Auto Auction ($1,000) For STEM. Due Aug. 15.

Caring.Com (multiple) - Include bio and essay describing how your major can improve the lives of seniors in assisted living.  Due Dec. 31.

Cartography and Geographic Information Society ($1,000-$1,500) - For cartography, geographic information science, or a closely related field. Due Feb. 28.

Commerce Bank - Enter to win one of five $1,000 scholarships. Enter by Dec. 31.

Community College ($2,500) - Open to full-time students at any community college. Requires 2 short essays. Due Oct. 7.

Creative Biolabs ($1,000) - Awarded twice a year; for science-related field; 3.0 GPA. Opens in  May, deadline not specified.

Deal Spot ($500) - Open twice a year. Submit essay describing using coupons in college.

Desk and Derrick Educational Trust 3.2 GPA; planning career in petroleum, energy or related industries. Open Oct. 1-April 1.

Digital Success ($500)  - For students interested in digital marketing. Submit 600-800 word essay on related topic. Due March 31.

ExtremeTerrain ($3,000) For degrees in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth and Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems. Due Oct. 15/June 15.

Floyd Mayweather Foundation ($1,000) (8 awards) - 2.75 GPA; for communication, marketing, public relations, media studies or journalism. Due June 14/Nov. 17. ($1,000-$4,000) 2,000 words on real estate opportunities. Due Dec. 15. 

Galvanize It ($2,500) (2) -  For architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, construction management, material science, or related field. 1,000 words. Due March 31. 

Geico ($2,500) -For children of employees; 3.0 GPA; major in business, computer science, and mathematics. Opens in September.

Goldberg-Miller Public Finance (11 awards, $5,000-$20,000) - For graduate students with course of study related to state or local government finance. Due March 23.

Google Lime ($10,000) - For students with disabilities, pursuing degrees in computer science,  engineering or related field. Due Dec. 15.

Healthline ($5,000) (4) - 3.0 GPA: involvement in the advancement of nutrition. Available March 4-April 22.

International Franchise Association Multiple opportunities for business, hospitality or franchise management.

John Earhart - Social work at Zane State or Ohio University Zanesville; 2.5 GPA. Due March 20. 

Konrad Sherinian ($1,000) 3.0 GPA; essay on vehicle accidents. Due Aug. 1.

Lendza ($500) - Open to college students. Essay on assigned topic. Due Dec. 31.

Lloyd Chacey ($2,000) For children/grandchildren of Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, studying engineering at an Ohio college or university. Due Dec. 31.

Medical Group Management Association - For program relevant to medical practice management, including public health, business administration, health care administration.Due May 1.

Mental Health System Reform - Submit resume, transcript and 750-word essay about mental health reform. Due Feb. 28.

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance ($4,000) - For students diagnosed with or affected by cancer; 3.0 GPA; 500-1,500 word essay. Due Dec. 31/March 31.

Minerva Beauty Cosmetology ($1,000) Scholarship For cosmetology; 3.0 GPA. Due May 31.

NACE Multiple applications available. Visit site for complete list.

NOAA Hollings ($9,500) - 3.0 GPA; interest in specified science-related fields. Due Jan. 31.

National Board for Certified Counselors - Multiple opportunities for students intending to be counselors committed to helping priority underserved communities.

National Dairy Shrine MULTIPLE opportunities for dairy or agricultural fields. Due April 15. 

National Horticulture Foundation (3 awards) - For horticulture or related degree; 2.5 GPA; see link for details. Due Jan. 15.

National Society of Accountants - Multiple awards ($500-$2,200) 3.0 GPA; for accounting. Open Jan. 1-April 1.

Novus Biologicals ($1,500) - For science-related field. Due Dec. 8/July 20.

Nutanix For women in computer science or engineering; 3.5 GPA. Due Aug. 31.

Ohio Academy of Science - For Ohio undergraduates who demonstrate knowledge and commitment to environmental sciences or environmental engineering. Open Jan. 2-April 15.

Ohio News Media Association (multiple) - For journalism, advertising, marketing, or communications program at an Ohio college. Due March 31.

Ohio Parks and Recreation Association - Multiple opportunities for programs relevant to parks/recreation at an Ohio college/university. Must have at least 30 hours (12 in major); 3.0 GPA. Due May 6.

Outdoor Writers Association of America ($1,000-$5,000) - At least 3 awards given for outdoor communications. Due March 1.

Oxbow Undergraduate ($1,000) - For animal health and nutrition; interest in companion animals. Due March 1.

Oxbow Vet Medicine ($500) - For students currently enrolled in a veterinary school; interest in small and exotic animal medicine. Due March 1.

Oxbow Vet Tech ($2,000) - For small and exotic animal science. Due March 1.

PNC Education Loan Center Achiever ($2,000) For undergraduates at eligible schools; Six winners selected June 1/Dec. 1. 

Pro Stock Hockey ($1,000) No GPA, major or extra-curricular requirements. Due Aug. 1.

Quell ($1,000) - For psychology, social work, or other field related to tmental health services. Applications available March 1-April 15. 

Ritchie-Jennings ($1,000-$10,000) - For students interested in fraud examination.  Due Feb. 4.

SEO Design Chicago ($500) (2) - For marketing; 3.0 GPA; 1,500 words on digital marketing. Due March 1/July1.

Samuel Fletcher Tapman ASCE For civil engineering majors who are members of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Due Feb. 4.

Scholarship America Dream Award For students entering their second year or higher of education beyond high school; 3.0 GPA; financial need required. Due Oct. 15.

Shelving ($500-$1,500) - 2.8 GPA and 1,000 word essay. Due July 31.

Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) - Multiple opportunities for mining, metallurgy and exploration for college students in related fields. Available Dec. 1-Jan. 31.

Teacher.Org - 3.5. GPA, studying education. Due April 1.

Test Prep Nerds Comprehensive list of opportunities with varying amounts and deadlines. 

US Ghost Adventures ($2,000) - Minimum 1,000-word scary story. Due Dec. 31/July 31.

Unpakt ($1,00- $1,000) 500 words explaining where you plan to move once you finish your education and why. Due Dec. 15.

Vim & Vigr -  For nursing; 3.0 GPA. Due July 20.

William E. Weisel For engineering or technology, with preference given to those seeking career in robotics or automated systems. Open Nov. 1-Feb. 1.

Women in Architecture ($2,500) - Open to females studying architecture/architectural engineering. Due March 31.

Women in Federal Law Enforcement ($1,500) - For criminal justice or related majors; 3.0 GPA. Open February-May.